pMatchGlyco is a spectral library search tool to identify peptides and glycans simultaneously for N-linked glycopeptides using higher-energy collisional dissociation (HCD) MS/MS data.It provides not only the glycopeptide identification scores but also associated false discovery rate (FDR) estimations.


pMatchGlyco is written in standard C++ language. Please click the link below to download the pMatchGlyco binary release and example data:

   pMatchGlyco 1.2 for Windows (2019.09.24)
   pMatchGlyco 1.1 for Windows (2019.04.19)
   pMatchGlyco 1.0 for Windows (2018.07.19)
   Example data

pMatchGlyco provides a friendly GUI to specify parameters. You can download the pMatchGlyco User Guide.

The Matlab codes for separate FDR estimation and precursor m/z related GPSM filtering.


Qingbo Shu, Mengjie Li, Lian Shu, Zhiwu An, Jifeng Wang, Hao Lv, Ming Yang, Tanxi Cai, Tony Hu, Yan Fu and Fuquan Yang. Large-scale Identification of N-linked Glycopeptides in Human Serum using HILIC Enrichment and Spectral Library Search. Molecular & Cellular Proteomics,Molecular & Cellular Proteomics, 19:672–689, 2020.

Zhiwu A, Qingbo Shu, Hao Lv, Lian Shu, Jifeng Wang, Fuquan Yang, Yan Fu. N-Linked Glycopeptide Identification Based on Open Mass Spectral Library Search, BioMed Research International,, 2018.

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