Study of single amino acid variations (SAVs) of proteins, resulting from single nucleotide polymorphisms, is of great importance for understanding the relationships between genotype and phenotype. In mass spectrometry based shotgun proteomics, the identification of peptides with SAVs often suffers from high error rates on the variant sites detected. These site errors are due to multiple reasons and can be confirmed by manual inspection or genomic sequencing. Here, we present a computational workflow, called SAVControl, for site-level quality control of variant peptide identifications. It mainly includes strict false discovery rate control of variant peptide identifications and variant site verification by unrestricted mass shift relocation. SAVControl was validated on three colorectal adenocarcinoma cell line datasets with genomic sequencing evidences and tested on a colorectal cancer dataset from The Cancer Genome Atlas. The results show that SAVControl can effectively remove false detections of SAVs.



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